Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Billy Wilder His Secret Work on a Holocaust Myth Movie

First Published in Holocaust-Denial-Videos.

Marilyn Monroe and Ilse Koch. It's hard to imagine two more polar opposites. Yet Billy Wilder worked on scripts for both of them. This article offers evidence of Wilder's involvement in the Psychological Warfare Department's ridiculous foray into filmmaking: The denazification film project documenting the citizens of Weimar on a forced tour of Buchenwald and being shown a table display featuring a supposed human skin lampshade, and being told it was made at the request of the commandant's wife, Ilse Koch. The lampshade myth then blowing back into America and becoming associated with the holocaust for generations of Americans who also laughed at Wilder's screwball comedies like Some Like It Hot.

Not that the lampshade was Wilder's idea. It was probably a PsyWar brainchild (along with two shrunken heads) based on camp rumours which Wilder then adapted for the screen. Wilder, however, would adamantly disagree: his story is that he wasn't even on the continent, let alone at Buchenwald at the time. But we'll show he's lying. First lets examine his account:

Wilder said he didn't direct it

In the book Conversations with Wilder, author Cameron Crowe, (the director of Fast Times At Ridgemont High) asks Wilder:



Kingfisher said...

It was Denierbud's Buchenwald film that finally tipped me into the Revisionist camp. Until then I was suspicious of the evidence for the Holocaust but didn't understand how the myth became established. Then I did.

Anonymous said...

Really great stuff. Kudos.

The Black Rabbit of Inlé said...

Amazing article Mr Smith.