Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Free John Demjanjuk Now

The Honorable Consul General
Wolfgang Drautz
The Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany
6222 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 500
Los Angeles, CA 90048-5193

Fax: (323) 930 2805

12 April 2011

Honorable Consul General:

I am writing out of concern that a grave injustice is being done to John Demjanjuk. It has been discovered and made known that the US government agency which has been prosecuting Mr. Demjanjuk has concealed potentially exculpatory evidence. According to an exclusive Associated Press report:

"An FBI report kept secret for 25 years said the Soviet Union 'quite likely fabricated' evidence central to the prosecution of John Demjanjuk."

This agency is the Office of Special Investigations of the Justice Department. The evidence relates to the so-called Nazi personal identification card which is the keystone piece of evidence in charges that Demjanjuk served as a guard at the Sobibor camp. This Identity card was required to be carried at all times by Demjanjuk. The Soviets did not explain how they acquired the Id. Card, although it has been claimed that Demjanjuk had forgotten the card at Sobibor in 1943.

The Office of Special Investigations has a history of faking evidence and concealing facts favorable to its targets. It would be most unfortunate if the German Courts put any faith in evidence produced either by the Soviets or the OSI. Clearly Mr. Demjanjuk should be given help in clearing his name.

I would like to ask that you forward my concern to the German Government.

Thank you for your concern for justice and the rights of a falsely accused American.

David Merlin

C/O Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust
PO Box 439016
San Ysidro, CA 92143
Telephone: 209 682 5327

cc: Consul Ulrich Fischer, Legal Affairs


Miggins said...

Dear Bradley,
I have followed Johns' case off and on for a while now, do you know if there is any "online" petition where we can place our signatures to relay our disgust for this farce?

In this day and age, to persecute this poor old guy is abhorrent.

I hope that the people behind this act of cowardice will feel the same about "hunting" real criminals like George Bush and Dick Cheyney with such zeal in the future!

It is a disgrace. I would like also to thank you for your continuous updates and research into these subjects, and hopefully one day the apathetic majority will wake up and see what is going on before their very eyes!

Jerzy Ulicki-rek said...

People who care to know don't have any illusions in relation to any "clear evidence" produced by "soviets" .Among many masterpieces on long list we could mention the Katyn Forest massacre and their super productions during the Nuremberg trials.

I wonder how could a person so naive to take their claim seriously could be a member of German government..
Actually :any government .

The Black Rabbit of Inlé said...

Dear Mr Smith,

I do very much admire your work.

You may already know this, but Michael Sherman in his book Denying History, sources a paper edited by a woman who believes aliens from Sirius are living amongst us.

Anonymous said...

I recently saw a book by richard dawkins on the holocaust deniers has anybody read or critiqued,do you know?

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand how the American government can continue to persecute this 91 year old man in poor health. He was stripped of citizenship and abandoned when people wanted to believe he was Ivan the Terrible. But when it was concluded that he was NOT Ivan the Terrible, our government abandoned him when it should have brought him home and let him rest. A guard at Sobibor? Not accused of harming anyone? His life is ruined and has been for a long time. What more can he give? He's 91 years old, for God's sake.