Monday, April 25, 2011

The Holocaust: Where "White Men" Fear to Tread

The pervasiveness and pejorative aspect of Holocaustery is eloquently demonstrated in this post on the Web site of The Occidental Observer (TOO).

TOO is a "white nationalist" organization, and its overtly racial principles expose it to accusations of Neo-Nazism with a frequency that might exceed even the frequency with which the charge is leveled at CODOH, which does not advocate for or against any race, religion, party, or group.

In "Strategies for White Advocacy," the section headed "Avoid the tripwires of massive propaganda" begins with the stringent advice never, ever to mention or betray the slightest sympathy for, or even interest, in "Holocaust revisionism." I'd guess the danger lies in the direction of the Neo-Nazi charges they'd understandably prefer to avoid.

But the testimony to the power and wrath of the Holocaust mythology is stark, in and of itself.


N said...

What would you expect from morons talking to morons about influencing and recruiting other morons in Moronica?
Their idea is clearly not to alienate compatriots whose political grounding is "in '45 we won the war, saved freedom and turned off the gas: hooray for us!", and to hell with providing an improved grounding.

It serves to remind us that the Anglo-Saxon branch of the white race is the bane of the rest of it, having proudly and definitively sided and identified with those whom the late Dr Oliver used to call the world destroyers.

Anonymous said...

White pride, yet another casualty of The Holocaust.It's all right for Latinos, Jews, or Blacks to advocate for their race but not Whites because that would be akin to Nazism; and as we all know from our Holocaust training that's the ultimate evil.

Anonymous said...

'come out come out wherever you hde'. The 'Big Lie' no one can dispute; it is who suborns then perjorates its origin and author that just might be who has the dis honesty....and thats the least to say of those who fear Truth. TO DENY OPEN DEBATE on such a controversey stinks of a 'protection racket' and those in fear on iether side are COntributors to suppression of facts and Truth, thus disqualified for judgement of Law[the One Written on the hearts of All Sentient Creatures].