Friday, May 27, 2011

A Letter to Students at UC Los Angeles

[This letter was distributed to student organizataions and faculty at UC Los Angeles]

Lady GaGa, Michael Savage, and Your Ordinary Professor

What do Lady GaGa and Michael Savage have to do with the Holocaust question? I tried to give you access to the answer by placing a text link in The Daily Bruin, but The Bruin will not allow it. Why? The paper is unwilling to discuss its reasons. This is the suppressed link:

What do Michael Savage and your run-of-the-mill professor have in common? It's not pretty. I address the relationship with a YouTube video titled The Savage, the Academic, and the Brainwashed. You will find it here:

With regard to your own paper, The Daily Bruin, I am going to guess (no one there will say) that the paper does not want to offend Jewish sensibilities by allowing questions to be asked, or even suggested, about the Holocaust issue. At the same time, The Bruin has no compunction about offending the sensibilities of those students who are Muslim.

If a Muslim student were to ask a professor at UCLA, any professor, to provide, with proof, the name of one person killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz, she would have her sensibilities offended with a cruel maliciousness.

And then of course there are those students at UCLA, Jews, Muslims, whatever, who believe in the ideal of the right to a free exchange of ideas. Including asking questions about the Holocaust story. Is there one professor at UCLA who will stand with such students in the light of day?

With regard to history and to intellectual freedom, at UCLA has the academic made of himself the enemy of the student?

Bradley Smith
Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust
PO Box 439016
San Ysidro, California 92143


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