Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Holocaust Denier Next Door

[Michael Santamouro is in the avant garde of a small but growing international awareness of disinformation about the Holocaust and it’s over exposure as a 20th century human catastrophe. Intelligent people are beginning to react to the incessant promotion of people, products and places deemed relevant to this singularly grisly story. Not a day goes by that people who didn’t participate in it because they weren’t even born yet are force fed another reminder of it. The unending obsession with Jewish suffering in WWII spread throughout the Western society by a voraciously morbid media for over sixty years has become toxic and Michael Santomoro is a person who recognized this early and is doing what he can to correct this cultural neurosis. -- Whodareswings]


The Holocaust Denier Next Door
Posted by
Our Town on May 18, 2011

By Megan Finnegan

A group of irate protestors squared off May 15 against Michael Santomauro, an Upper East Side man they claim is a neo-Nazi.

Led by the Jewish Defense Organization, the group consisted of 20 people at the height of an hour-long rally against Santomauro. Holding signs and shouting derogatory names, the protestors taunted Santomauro from behind a blue police barricade while their target sat calmly on his stoop on East 85th Street, at times filming the protest with his iPad.

“The rally was a success, in the sense of numbers,” said Jeff Klein, a spokesperson for the Jewish Defense Organization. “The problem is, we want the Nazi pig headquarters shut down and we want him evicted.”

Santomauro, who could not be reached for comment, runs and has called himself a “Holocaust revisionist.” He writes critically of Jews and Israel on the site.

Santomauro has been accused of ....

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