Friday, June 24, 2011

Pimping the Holocaust's Memory

Pimping the Holocaust's Memory

By Meir Stieglitz

Never was the memory of the Holocaust's victims subjected to such an abhorrent use and moral abuses as in Israel today. And no one is more proficient in submitting the abysmal sufferings of the European Jews to the highest bidder than Israel's current Prime Minster, Netanyahu. In this sense, as in other aspects, Netanyahu is truly a democratic leader -- the embodiment of the Israeli collective spirit.

At a special assembly of the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament) honoring Berlusconi Netanyahu delivered a speech culminating in a Meta-Historical analysis about Rome and Jerusalem as the combined cornerstones of the Jewish-Christian tradition and thus the foundation of Western Culture. The fascist reign in Italy was not mentioned. Berlusconi, not a harsh critic of Mussolini, was idolized as a herald of universal values, a bulwark against Nuclear Iran and to some it all the "Keeper of World Peace".

For his grand finale Netanyahu concluded by ever so sensitively relating the tale relating an extraordinary fit of resistance by a young Italian woman. That woman, eight months pregnant, when confronted by the sight of a German policeman (SIC) arresting a Jewish woman on a train refused to stay passive. Without a trace of fear that heroic woman stood between the policeman and his victim announcing: "you can kill me. But look around at the faces of the train travelers, I promise you they won't let you leave the train alive".

With that bold stand, crooned Netanyahu, this brave woman saved the Jewish girl and by doing so lighted up, even for a moment, the great darkness shadowing the lands of Europe. Then Netanyahu posed and delivered his punch line: that brave woman was called Rosa and one of her children is called Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister today.

A strong stench is emanating from this scene: the stench of fabricated tales of courage, of honor philistined; of noble acts defamed, worst of all, of the memory of the Holocaust's victims being sold to one of the worst bidders for apparently no more a reason than media ratings.

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