Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cover letter For Smith's Report # 184

Bradley Smith, Founder

16 August 2011

Dear Friend and Supporter

I believe you will be aware that this issue 184 of Smith’s Report is behind schedule. Let me count the reasons. To be real, there are only two reasons.

One was a computer problem where something was so wrong with the machine that I was told by my computer fix-it guy that it would be best to install a new platform for the whole enchilada. Sure thing.

The result was that Mr. Fix-It could not get it right. Without burdening you with the entire very boring story I’ll only note that I used up the month of July with a sick machine and lost, in addition to mucho time, all contribution records from the first week in February through the last week in July, 2011. Not to worry, though. I did not lose the contributions themselves.

To complicate my time, I allowed myself to develop a sleeping disorder—the kind where you cannot sleep. Just my luck to not get the sleeping disorder where you sleep all the time, the one that when you’re 81 years old I suppose can be something of a gift. This being life, however, you can’t choose your disorder but have to take the one you get.

And then I had a real disappointment only yesterday afternoon when I was reporting into the VA hospital in La Jolla to have the left knee replaced with one that works. I’d waited five months and I was really ready because I’d like to be able to walk eight or ten miles a week, drop some weight, and regain some of my natural beauty.

It wasn’t to be. A Mexican bug bit the calf of my left leg, I scratched it, it got infected, and Dr. Yu would not take a chance with the possibility for infection and cancelled the surgery. It’ll happen in another three, four months. Meanwhile. . . .

Anthony Reed Smith

The young man above is our third and youngest grandchild. Reed was a family name on my paternal grandmother’s side. Irish. She had 13 children, among them my father, who grew up in and around the coal mines in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Back to business:

Now there is the matter of soliciting your help, again, for the work. We have a very interesting university campaign kicking off even as I write this. You’ll get the first report of it in the next issue of SR. I’ll give you a hint. It exploits the ADL/Hillel Manual for Action.

At the same time one of my periodic money issues is approaching. I owe $2,100 that I can’t pay, and I need funds for the upcoming work—about $3,000. So I’m looking at having to raise in total some $5,000 to get myself into a good, workable condition.

If you can help, please do.

Thank you.


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