Monday, August 29, 2011

A gross distortion of Real Historical events

"At eighteen he [Germar Rudolf] learned of the post-war expulsion of twelve million Germans..." (Paul Eisen, My Life as a Holocaust Denier, Smith’s Report 184, p11)

This statement is not accurate. If you ever have contact with Germar Rudolf then he should be promptly corrected on such a fallacy.

It is a fact agreed upon by all historians of whatever disposition that more than half of these 12 million Germans fled to the west before the Soviet army had even reached their territory. What makes this especially pertinent for any would-be Holocaust revisionist is that authors such as Walter Sanning (with some general approval expressed by Rudolf) have taken the view that any Jews who may have fled from the Nazi armies (in a war which Hitler waged as part of an attempt to conquer living space in the east the same way that Europeans had conquered North America) are not to be counted as "victims of Hitler" if they happen to perish behind Soviet lines as a consequence of the war.

If one is going to take such a view that itself is OK, but is really incumbent upon you to practice honesty and apply the same standards to Germans who fled long before their territory was occupied. To make it sound as if all or even most of these Germans who fled were expelled after the war is a gross distortion of real historical events.

Patrick McNally

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