Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sinister Female Auschwitz Guards

A seemingly anti-Nazi (and -German) book has appeared in Britain about how evil the modal German (Nazi, same thing) woman was during World War II, complete with pictures, of which the one showing female auxiliaries is alone well worth the effort of following this link to the review of the book.

Habitues of this blog recognize the always-implicit, and here explicit hatred mongered by the producers of the Holocaust propaganda of which this book is a prime example. The review would appear to be, as well, except possibly for the caption on the picture mentioned above, which could be interpreted as tongue-in-cheek by anyone actually viewing the picture itself.

The Comments section on this article has for some reason been shut down. I wonder what people had to say about it? Of course, the Comments section on this post is wide-open, as always.

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