Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not Enough Revisionists in Jail - Or Executed

Jewish judges and lawyers gathered, as announced in Smith's Report, in Berlin last November and cooked up more new ways to use the law to control discussion of the Holocaust on the Internet in countries all over the world. They've come up with this resolution lamenting, among other things, the fact that so few revisionists have been convicted of crimes in the countries in which such activities are a crime (no doubt they mean to increase the number of such countries, as they applaud Germany's membership in that shameful group). Presumably, they also lament that those convicted are only incarcerated for a few years (e.g., Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zündel) instead of being locked up for life or, better yet, exterminated altogether.

The attendees have returned to their respective jurisdictions, and are no doubt diligently working to suppress the freedom of speech practiced on the Internet that has so discomfited them in so many ways.

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