Saturday, February 25, 2012

A True Sportsman and the Holocaust

A leading player for the ice hockey team of Düsseldorf comes from America and has gained (and accepted) German citizenship on the basis of his being a Jew descended from German Jews who are veterans of the Holocaust.
The story of Evan Kaufmann of Minnesota, his American parents and his German Jewish (paternal) grandparents who were caught up by the National Socialists' ethnic-cleansing program during World War II is an inspiring story of reconciliation and forgiveness on the part of three generations of a remarkable family (not to mention that of his American Jewish wife, who has accompanied him to Germany).
That the Kaufmanns apparently are forgiving considerably graver atrocities than actually happened renders the entire story that much more inspiring. The grandparents, now long deceased, may of course have known more than they chose to tell, at least publicly, and in any case, more than the New York Times is about to disclose in its Zionist pages.

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