Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Self-Hating" Historiographer Dead at 77

Peter Novick, a (non-practicing) Jewish professor at the University of Chicago, wrote the ground-breaking (and earth-shaking) The Holocaust in American Life in 1999. With insight massively confirmed in the 13 years since its publication, Novick delineated how that group of events, imagined and real, now packaged under the rubric of "the Holocaust" acquired outsize influence in American discourse among both Jews and non-Jews alike.

He explored some of the reasons for this development, identifying the promotion of Israeli aggression as but one of the nefarious undertakings buttressed by the worship and enforcement of Holocaust mythology.

The New York Times's Dennis Hevesi (brother of Holocaust abuser Alan Hevesi) does an impressive job of reviewing this savant's contributions in this article, whose many links do not include any to the book, or a site on which one might purchase the book.

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