Saturday, August 24, 2013

100 Years of Selective Agitation

If the Anti-Defamation League now celebrating its hundredth anniversary were true to its sweeping name, it would long since have joined Paul Rassinier, Arthur Butz, Robert Faurisson and a host of others in opposing the Calumny of the Century against Germans. Hundreds of its victims were, like Leo Frank of the famous case that launched the ADL, hanged by lynch mobs wearing US, British, French and Soviet uniforms.

But slanders that serve agendas like Israel's and that of a powerful cabal of a minority of international Jewry live on, and on, and on. Thus, at the beginning of only the second century of ADL's eternal life, the organization "reinvents itself."

Wonder if they'll ever switch to a new victim, such as Muslims. Even if they do, they'll still hound Germans and Germany until neither exists anymore. But the ADL? It'll still exist.

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